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2021 3rd International Conference on Image and Video Processing will be held in Barcelona, Spain during July 1-4, 2021. ICIVP aims to provide a forum for researchers, practitioners, and professinals from the industry, academia and government to discourse on research and development, professionals practice in the field of image and video processing. The conference is calling for papers. Papers related to the scope is recommended to submit.

ICIVP is a comprehensive technical conference focused on image and video processing. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Topic A: Image & Video Processing
● Biomedical and Biological Image Processing
● Biometrics, Forensics, and Security
● Color, Multispectral, and Hyperspectral Imaging
● Compression, Coding, and Transmission
● Computational Imaging
● Deep Learning for Images and Videos
● Detection, Recognition, and Classification
● Document Analysis and Processing
● Emerging Applications and Systems
● Filtering and Multiresolution Processing
● Image & Video Analysis and Segmentation
● Image & Video Labeling and Retrieval
● Image & Video Perception and Quality Models
● Image & Video Systems and Applications
● Image Processing for Geophysics
● Image Processing for Public Health and Safety
● Interpolation, Super-resolution, and Mosaicing
● Interpretation and Understanding
● Learning with Limited Labels
● Motion Estimation, Registration, and Fusion
● Restoration and Enhancement
● Robustness in Image Processing and Learning
● Sensing, Representation, Modeling, and Registration
● Stereoscopic, Multiview, and 3D Processing
● Synthesis, Rendering, and Visualization
● Texture Image Representation and Classification
Topic B: Signal Processing
spectral analysis, time-frequency and time-scale representation, statistical signal processing, filtering, detection and estimation, nonlinear signal processing, radar, antennas, telecommunications systems, acoustics.

Topic C: Computer vision
Algorithms, Feature extraction and pattern recognition, ML and Deep learning in vision, CBIR, Object and Face Recognition, Object detection and Localization, 3D Object Extraction, Tracking and Visual Navigation, etc.

Applications: biomedical sciences, biometry, document image processing and authentication, other applications.

Topic D: Mathematical Imaging and Vision
filters theory, imaging algebra, mathematical morphology, probabilistic, statistical, optimization, approximation theory, models in imaging science.

Applications: Biometric and Biomedical imaging, Security and Video-surveillance, Quality control and inspection, archeology, remote sensing, other applications.
Submission System

Please submit full papers/Abstracts to the iConference via iConference Submission system

Electronic Submission System; (.doc or .pdf)
or send the paper via email

All submitted papers should be with a minimum length of 8 pages(one column) , including figures, tables and references.

Policy on Plagiarism
Plagiarism and self- plagiarism are strictly prohibited. Submitted papers will be checked for plagiarism. If plagiarism is discovered, the paper will be rejected or removed from the program and all authors will be reported to their affiliations.